My New Year’s Resolution

2019 is here!

I have decided that I want to remember more of my year. I tend to have a bad memory, and I forget a lot of good memories. So, I have decided to blog weekly about something that I am thankful for. I’ve decided to call this “weekly graces.”

I think that having an attitude of gratitude can greatly affect one’s perceptions of the world. This will challenge me to think throughout the week of positive aspects in my life. I’m super excited to share what I’m thankful for each week, and just be positive about life.

There always too much negativity in the world and I believe that needs to change. It’s so easy to think all that is wrong with our lives. Too often we focus on the negative, and that can be tiring. I think that focusing on weekly graces is something that everyone should do!

Thanks for reading and may you have a great year!

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