January Things

Hello family and friends!

Today, I am going to share how my january went and what I’ve been thankful for lately!

My new year began with an online course called “History of Architecture and Decor.” I thought that I would have too much free time, so I believed that a class would be good. While I enjoyed the four credits, I didn’t like how quick the class was! J-term classes try to cram a fifteen week semester into three weeks. Needless to say, I won’t be taking another J-tem class. From now on, I’ll just be lazy and chill at home.

I had my birthday this month too! I don’t enjoy big parties so I decided to hang out with my family at the mall. I was fun to just hang out with them (although it was on a monday, and I had homework to do for my class). I love shopping, and that’s exactly what we did!

Towards the end of January, I moved back into college to start my second semester. I love my friends so it was great to see them again! When I moved back in, it felt like no time had passed, although I spent about 5 weeks at home. I’m glad to be back in school and learning me some things.

It was a quiet yet busy month. That might be confusing, but I think it makes sense. Thanks to all of those who are in my life!

Thanks for reading!