Video Production


This week I will be talking about video production and and how it is an essential skill in our digital age. I have been doing a lot of video production for classes and now for my research fellowship. I have always liked making videos since I was younger when I would play around on iMovie and make silly little videos that I now find embarrassing. Regardless, I find video production fun! I like the idea that I am telling a story through my video. The challenge of making a video clear and concise is part of the reason that makes it fun for me. I like editing the video and seeing what visuals would best represent the story. And then, I like to play with the audio. Whether that be finding the right music to play with it, fixing the voiceovers, or adding sound effects, I really enjoy doing that.

For my research fellowship, I was asked to interview professors about their class and how engaged their students were. So now my goal is to make a short video that briefly explains their class with student testimony. I am really looking forward to see the finished project when I get there.

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  1. Dr. R

    In our current environment, video has the potential to reach a broad audience. My hope is that those who come to SNC will develop this skill set. How might we help to make this happen across campus? I am looking forward to seeing the video and working together to tell stories of excellent teaching at SNC.