The Importance of Teamwork

Hello all!

One of the things that I wasn’t expecting from my position as a research fellow was the amount of collaboration that I have had this far. When I first started, I thought that I was going to be told what do to, how to do it, and when to have it finished by. And so, I was thrown off when I came into work the first day and made my own goals and task list! It was difficult for me to adjust to this type of work in which I made my own tasks. 

Since I am allowed to make some decisions for myself, I appreciate how much I can offer to the fellowship. I’m not afraid to express my ideas and concerns about the project, and that makes me feel welcomed. I expected that I was going to be the one who did the mundane tasks. However, I’m able to contribute to the research project significantly! 

So far, during my time as a research fellow, I’ve learned how important communication and discussion is to achieve a common goal. This statement may sound obvious. However, the project of Full Spectrum Learning wouldn’t have made any progress without the biweekly meetings our team has. We effectively communicate in person and through various forms of technology such as email or google docs. This experience has been very beneficial for me because I’ve learned that communication is vital!

Thanks for reading!