Reflecting on Full Spectrum Learning

Hello family and friends!

I have finished my freshman year of college! Woohoo! This also means that I have completed a year of working as a Research Fellow for Full Spectrum Learning. In today’s blog, I will be reflecting on the goals that I had set for myself at the beginning of the year and see how far I have come.

1. Become more fluent with technology.

This a goal that I feel that is a goal that can never be completed only progressed towards. Regardless, I feel that I have progressed greatly during my first year. I feel that WordPress has been the technology that has greatly contributed to this goal. I have learned about website design and how to kind of code (although I can’t do it without help, but that’s okay!). Another technology that I have become more familiar with is Google. I remember at the beginning of the year, I had gotten a Google Calendar invite and I was so amazed. I didn’t know that inviting someone via Google Calendar was possible! I’ve learned how to use Google Calendar, how to use Gmail more efficiently, along with Google Drive. I can and will continue to learn about various technologies.

2. Become better at refining research questions

This is a goal that I have not encountered during this year. Hopefully, next year when we write something about Full Spectrum Learning that we will define the question that we are asking and I will explore this goal more.

3. Understand how research is conducted

Going into this project I thought that research was all about numbers and data. However, I learned that research does not have to be quantitative. The research that we are doing is more qualitative in that we are asking people for their stories and trying to piece it together from that. I have learned that research can be conducted in many ways.

4. Become familiar with the theories and frameworks of the project

Before I started working, I would tell family and friends that I would be doing research. They had asked what I would be researching, and I could not tell them what FSL was about. And now, I can fully explain FSL no problem! I am able to explain it very quickly to friends who are curious and to professors who ask. I even presented on FSL at the Undergraduate Research Forum. I feel that I have grown in this area a lot, and I hope next year I continue to grow!

I am very thankful for the opportunity that I have been given this year! A huge thank you to everyone on the FSL team because you all are very easy to communicate with and I am very blessed to work with each of you!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. reidriggle

    Thank you, Ruthie! Simply put, you have been a great team member. SNC and our FSL efforts have moved forward significantly due to your contributions. You have grown into this role so well. I am looking forward to what we can accomplish next year.