My Research Fellowship!

Hello family and friends!

Work Buddies!

I’ve been doing lots of learning recently, in the classroom and for my job. What is Ruthie’s job you ask? Well, I am delighted to say that I have a position to aide in research on campus! This is very exciting and I can’t wait to see where the project takes me!

Some context on how I came to be a research fellow: I applied sometime ago and I was offered an interview. I am a research fellow for “Facilitating Full Spectrum Learning”. The research that I will be doing is aiding Dr. Riggle in his quest to discover the difference in pedagogies of professors and understanding how technology enhances learning! I am super duper excited to see what I learn and how I can aide in this process!

One of the first things that I did for my job was work with Autumm on setting up goals and tasks for myself. This has provided me with a direction in the project! My goals are:

Become more fluent with technology

Become better  at refining research questions

Understand how research is conducted

Become familiar with the theories and frameworks of the project

I have done tasks to help me come closer to my goals. From playing around with the camera, scheduling an appointment with the research center, and researching the key theories of the project. I have two years of learning ahead of me and I have learned something new every day so far! Woohoo!

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Reid Riggle

    I appreciate how you made your blog multifaceted. This seems like an important step in the creation of your digital identity. By using your blog to share academic work, your efforts as a Research Fellow, and your personal experience you are demonstrating a breadth of application with this tool. The design, with the category at the top, is helpful as a reader. Well done.