Movie Review: The Stanford Prison Experiment

Hello family and friends! Today, as I ponder about my future career, I watch a movie as what not to do with my future.

This movie is based off an experiment in which it documented how authority can change a person’s morals and ethics.  The research was set up in such a way that the subjects were given the role of guard or prisoner. The guards were given the duty of keeping their prisoners in line. It is important to note that the guards could not lay a hand on the prisoners. However, very quickly things changed for the worse in the experiment. 

The prisoners began to rebel when the guards became too demanding and harsh. This power struggle led to tension between the guards and the prisoners and it escalated quickly. By the end of the second day, the guards were beating the prisoners, and even though this is a movie, it was difficult to watch. What made it even more difficult is that I know that it was based off a real experiment.

Just like when I watched “The Experimenter,” this movie is about ethics when conducting research. It’s important to know what to avoid when conducting research. I cannot believe that experiments like The Stanford Prison Experiment could ever happen. When conducting research that involves people, it is so important to understand the impact that it will have the people. 

Thanks for reading!