Lights, Camera, Action!

Hello family and friends!

During this week of my research fellowship, I became a producer, director and editor! As part of my fellowship, I am creating videos to further explain Full Spectrum Learning. We are in the process of documenting each professor who will explain why they put themselves into the corresponding box (learn more about Full Spectrum Learning here!) I’ll give a brief synopsis for those of you who are not familiar with the frameworks of the project. 

Full Spectrum Learning Grid

So, Full Spectrum Learning is an initiative that is trying to understand how technology can enhance learning and how professors can implement that into the classroom. A grid in which there are twenty-five boxes have been made to represent the level of student engagement and the use of technology. And example of the first box in the upper left hand corner would be a math class in which students rely on the professor’s lecture and notes. In this class setting, it is dependent on seat time and the professor facilitating the lecture. And to contrast this example would be my Educational Psychology class lead by Dr. Riggle. This class would be in the “hybrid course design” row and in the fourth column. For this class, I have to blog weekly about what I have learned in that class, make videos about children’s learning experiences, and use Google Classroom for all readings and educational videos. Also, the class is structured in that the students can educate each other. So this grid was made to display how classes can vary.

And so, I’m in the beginning processes of documenting this variance of pedagogy! I’m super excited about filming and editing these videos. I am very much looking forward to this fun and challenging process!

Thanks for reading!