Learning as I Go!


This week I will be recapping everything that I had learned this week through my research fellow! The main thing that I worked on this week is taking the original grid of Full Spectrum Learning into a Google Document to make the grid more interactive because it wasn’t before.

This is the grid that I made!

And after I completed that, there were multiple things I tracked on the grid. First, I put different technologies that are used in the classroom. To clarify, technology does not only relate to computers or machines. Rather, I used technology in the broadest sense. For example, chalkboards and whiteboards are technologies that are present on the SNC campus. And so, I tried to think of as many technologies as I could. And then at the team meeting, we collaborated on more technologies and filled all the spaces on the grid. Below are the ideas that we had come up with! For me, seeing all the technologies makes the ideologies of this project clearer. And I am beginning to understand what each box means, and I’m glad that I thought about this by myself before presenting what I had worked on because it showed me that I am understanding the ideas of Full Spectrum Learning. And it served as a way to check my understanding because at the team meeting we went through each technology and examined if that was the place for that technology. This exercise strengthened my understanding of Full Spectrum Learning! 

And another activity I did with this grid was that I laid out some data that was collected. This data came from professors from different departments on campus and it was a survey on where they felt their class fell on the grid. I reviewed the answers and put them into the corresponding box in which they put themselves in. I found this part of my week to be the most interesting. I liked seeing where each professor put themselves on the grid and why they thought that.

This week strengthened my understanding of the grid and I’m excited to see what I learn this coming week!

Thanks for reading!