Heutagogy vs. Andragogy

Hello family and friends!

Today, I am going explain how I understood Heutagogy and how it differs from Andragogy.

I believe that heutagogy is more learner-centered, more collaborative, and focuses more on technology. From my understanding, heutagogy is for more mature learners who know how to already learn. “Mature learners” implies that heutagogy does not apply to a specific age, but rather a student who is responsible. Often, as one grows, one becomes more mature. So I believe, that if we were to put heutagogy in an age group, that it is around the college age.

The most essential aspect to heutagogical is that learners know already how to learn. This is because the approach of heutagogy is more collaborative and allows for more freedom. When I say freedom, I mean that the students are not so strictly monitored and students should be motivated to learn. Also, heutagogy focuses heavily on the use of technology in the classroom to enhance the learning. Technology can be as vast as distance education where classes are taught fully online or where courses are enhanced using various digital components.

I think that heutagogy differs from andragogy because of the learners’ maturity and technology usage. Although andragogy is about adult learning, I think that it would apply more to the high school age. Andragogy does not have the aspect of “freedom” when it comes to learning for it is more faculty focused. In andragogy, students do not have to know how to learn, which I believe is what is learned in high school. In my experience, I had to learn how to be responsible and I became more cognisant of my learning style and how study effectively.

In college, students aren’t “babied,” meaning that we have full ownership of our learning. Students are generally more mature in college than high school which leads me to believe that heutagogy applies to college and andragogy applies to high school.

Well, please feel free to correct me! This is just how I interpreted heutagogy and andragogy and how they differ from one another.

Thanks for reading!