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 Hello family and friends!  

During this week, I continued with the editing the pages of my domains. I have one main domain and a subdomain. I created a subdomain to create one for The Council of Indigenous People.

I used the same plugin that I did on this domain, “Elementor.” This plugin is really great and user friendly. To use Elementor, you have to create a page and edit that page. Elementor will ask if you to edit that page using their plugin, and it will automatically launch. The editing process is very simple. It consists of blocks where you can put widgets. They offer a lot of widgets, and they are easy to customize.

One problem that I ran into while editing my subdomain is the plugin that I installed the “The Events Calendar.” I plan on using this domain for a variety of things. I want to have a calendar in which members could see when we are holding meetings, events, and other things. So I wanted a plugin that would do just that. I have had some difficulty with plugin because I wasn’t able to see my calendar at first or put it into a page. However, when I began editing my appearance settings, I realized that I could change the home page to “Main Events Page.” This page held my calendar that I wanted, but it took away the domains header.

The trouble that I have with this is that it isn’t listed in my list of pages. The “Main Events Page” is only something that I see when editing the home page.

Other than that, I have been having a blast trying to create the best version possible for my domains. When I work, the time flies because of how engrossed I become.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Dr. R

    I am wondering if it would be useful to start a domains users group. This would dovetail nicely with the TechBar and Taylor’s workshops. Just someplace to compare notes and help each other out. What do you think?