#DigPins, Podcasts, and Digital Identity!

Hello family and friends!

In this week of my research fellow, I participated in DigPins, and I listened to a podcast called “Teaching in Higher Ed” by Bonni Stachowiak.

VR Map

So the first week of DigPins began with some readings on digital identity and how pertinent it is to establish yourself, especially as a professional digital persona. Developing my professional digital persona is something that I have only just begun. This blog has helped me grow my web presence, and I’m excited to see where this blog takes me in the next four years.

Another activity that we did during DigPins was the Visitor/Resident Map. I was familiar with this concept because I did it in Ed Psych earlier this semester. The picture above show where I feel like I am resident on the internet or just a visitor. And on the y-axis, the graph shows where I my internet uses is for professional (institutional) or personal. For me, it wasn’t too difficult to think about this map in terms of the personal and resident quadrant. However, the institutional half took some thinking. I learned that the internet can be versatile in terms of personal and professional use.

Another thing that I did during DigPins was work on my Twitter account. I had two twitter accounts: one for Ed Psych, and one for leisure. I decided to delete the leisure account I had and to focus my energy on the account I established already for Ed Psych. This exercise taught me that I don’t have to be scared of social media. I always had apprehension when it came to social media because I was afraid that I would never get enough followers or likes. However, I learned that that is not the point of social media. Social media is about connecting with others, and I can connect with one, two, or three people through twitter. Social media is about the relationships, not the numbers.

So I have been enjoying DigPins and the community that has been formed! I can’t wait to see how the next few weeks will go!

The podcast that I have been listening to this week has been very informative. Bonnie talks about theories that we are covering in FSL, and I’m learning more about how professors approach learning. So while I may not be the targeted audience for her podcast, but I have learned so much from it. I enjoy listening to it because she is very informative and provides interesting content. I highly recommend this podcast.

Thanks for reading!