Another Week of Editing

Hello family and friends!

This week of my research fellowship, I spent another week editing and filming for Full Spectrum Learning.

Cassie and I have gotten interviewing down to a science.

  • Grab Tripod/ Mics
  • Leave for meeting 10 minutes early
  • Meet with professor/student
  • set up equipment
  • prep professor/student with questions
  • start filming!
  • upload videos the Google Drive

So this week was turning out to be like any other week. But then I was asked to be interviewed for another FSL video.

I learned that I much prefer to work behind the camera rather than to sit in front of it and be asked questions. I became very nervous to be interviewed and I did not enjoy it very much. This allowed me to realize how the professors/ students must feel when they are interviewing. Because staring at a camera can be very intimidating!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. reidriggle

    Empathy is an important quality. 🙂

  2. Cassie Nooyen

    I definitely agree! I felt so weird having to be in front of the camera and I understand what the students feel like now.