A Semester of Research Fellowing

Hello family and friends!

Today I will be telling you about how much I love my job and all that I’ve learned from it. For those of you who don’t know, I am a research fellow for a project called “Full Spectrum Learning.” The goal of FSL is to document the varying courses and where they fall in terms of technology and engagement. So, what I do on the daily is go out and film professors and students about the courses they teach/ took. 

During the course of one semester, I have completed one video which is down below! I’m super happy with this video because it took a lot of hard work!

This video showcases what I mean when I say technology and engagement. Before I started “fellowing”, I didn’t realize that technology can significantly impact engagement. Some technologies allow for more student and faculty interaction which is great. But also, I’ve learned that all classes require different technologies. By this, I mean that not all classes should be entirely digital. That is not the goal of FSL. Some courses are better taught on whiteboards and in a lecture style. 

Another aspect that FSL is trying to understand is if students should be exposed to varying course designs and if that impacts student learning. Although we have no concrete answers to that yet, I believe that it does. Everyone has a different intelligence and learning style. Every course will be taught differently and the student must learn how to navigate that themselves in order to be a successful learner. Some students may learn better in lecture-style classes while other students may not. The variance in teaching allows students to understand their learning style better and allows them to take ownership of their learning. Learning is not done to the student, but rather it is a collaborative effort to have an understanding. Students must put forth effort in their studies, and ask for help when help is needed. Ultimately, students should be exposed to different course designs.

Right away, I learned that faculty/ student research can be super collaborative. At first, I must admit, I thought that I would be told what to do, when to have it done, and how it should be done. However, my experience thus far has been quite the opposite. The first day, I walked in and I was asked what I wanted to get out of this experience. I really appreciate everyone’s effort in allowing the opportunity to make this experience everything that I hoped it would be, and it has been! I have learned so much about conducting research, video production, and collaboration. It has only been one semester, and I cannot wait to see where Full Spectrum Learning takes me. 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. autumm

    It has been an awesome term Ruthie! You have given so much to the FSL project and it is all the better for it. It has been amazing to see you grow as a student and a professional.

  2. Ruthie,
    I was delighted to read you post summarizing your experience this semester as a Research Fellow for FSL. You embraced the opportunity and thrived in this role. Because FSL is part of St. Norbert College’s strategic plan, it is fair to say that your work this semester made significant contributions to the college. That is amazing for a first semester student. We are blessed to have you on the FSL team.

    Thank you!

    I am looking forward to our continued collaboration.

    Have a wonderful holiday.

    Dr. R