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As my first semester of college is coming to an end (wow!), I’m going to reflect on what I’ve learned as a research fellow.

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When I first started as a research fellow, I wasn’t able to tell anyone what Full Spectrum Learning (FSL) was all about. And now, I can tell peers what I do for my job. From my understanding, FSL is about discovering an array of classes that use various technologies and engagement strategies. It important to note that not one intersection is better than the other. For example, math classes are usually taught in lecture-style classes because that is often the best way for the information to be understood by the students. And an online class is not necessarily the best way to learn. Full Spectrum Learning is simply about discovering how technology and engagement together affect student learning. 

Documenting this aspect of learning is important because it impacts students. Each student has a different learning style and having an array of classes can help expose them to new experiences. Some students excel in lecture style classes while other students do well in group work style classes. I think that having an array of different styled classes is important so that it suits to all student needs. Colleges need to have this variety so that all students may have an equal opportunity to exceed. 

I think a way that we can evaluate FSL could be as simple as a survey. A qualitative survey in which students can answers questions on how different classes are taught and they found that to be impactful. Perhaps, the survey could be set up in which they select subjects in which they took their classes. And then they identify which engagement strategies were used and which technologies were used as well. The student could then identify how the combination of the two impacted their learning. Also, I feel that it would be important to have students in varying majors complete the survey. This would allow us to have a more broad set of data. 

I have learned so much so far, and it’s only been my first semester. I cannot wait to see where my research fellowship will take me. 

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  1. Thanks, Ruthie. I appreciate the significant contributions you made to our FSL efforts this semester. The survey idea is interesting. We will put that idea on the agenda for next semester.
    Dr. R