A Makeover

Hello family and friends!

During this week for work, I decided to do some reconstruction of my domain. To begin this process, I simply watched a youtube tutorial for beginners. This video was very informative and I was inspired to redo my domain. It started with adding another plugin to my domain. A plugin is basically an installation that adds features to a domain, and there are a lot of plug-ins to choose from. I choose a plugin called “Elementor.” This plugin allows you to edit pages more easily.

While this plugin was super easy to use, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t encounter difficulties. My home page used to have a banner and my most recent blog posts. This is setting that I used in my theme’s settings. However, I couldn’t figure out how to keep that setting while editing the home page. I had to make a new home page and make it static. A static home page means just that, it’s stationary. I couldn’t figure out how to make my most recent blog posts appear on this page without my new home page disappearing.

I enjoy playing around with my blog’s look and being able to improve each page! Being creative with my domain is fun!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. autumm

    Great use of your work from home time Ruthie. Learning more about WordPress and it’s many plugin’s is always a good thing and it changes so fast that there are always more to learn.

    Combining a blog and a home page can be difficult but I would recommend a link on your menu to the overall blog in case folks want a timeline. – my 2 cents anyway. Awesome makeover and I bet you learned a lot.

  2. I appreciate your willingness to explore, Ruthie. I am interested in the youtube video you watched. Can you share those links with me?