My Thoughts in the Form of Poetry

Hello family and friends!

One thing that I don’t advertise is that I love writing poetry. I don’t write poems too often and when I do, I never share them. And when I do share my poems, I get nervous; fearing that my poems aren’t good enough or too emotional. I usually write my poems when I have something heavy on my mind. Or most times, I write my poetry to understand a particular feeling that I have. I just get the urge to write a poem and the words just flow so easily.

I decided to share some of my poems today with you. The ones I’m sharing today are old and new. These aren’t listed in any particular order.

*disclaimer!! – I’m not asking for compliments or any sort of validation. Sometimes I just write moody poems AND I’m in a really good place right now 😀

Las Estrellas

Life is like the stars that shine at night, 
Gleaming and beaming without much fright.
Some stars last longer than others, 
And are gone before we can say goodbye.
But I know each star shines at one point,
Lighting up the dark and dreary sky. 

Friendship Bracelet

Life was like a lucid dream
Vivid, but without any gleam. 
You were a constant alarm to awaken me
From the terrors that be.
Never would I thought
That you would have been poison.
That first day I met you, I thought
You to be my magic potion. 
This potion granted me
The life I have always wanted.
Compassions, smiles, and laughter.
What a friendship this was!
But I always carried my mask around,
To hide to my tears that splattered.
What was wrong with me, you asked.
I was cautious and I was wary,
But as always, I continued to act merry.
My heart grew sad.
My mind grew numb.
I smiled as you called me dumb.
There was always honesty in your jokes, 
Regardless of your “sarcasm”.
You hurt me, “buddy”.
To you, I was just a stupid show.
But now, when I reflect
On your memory-faded faces
I want to tell you now,
That I don’t wear our friendship bracelets. 

Happy Tears

For years I thought you a myth.
Searching and constantly missing,
I thought the smile on my face 
Was cleverly tricking.

Honestly, it was a simple solution.
Holding my family near,
And focusing on my future career,
Then my happiness became surprisingly clear!

You come in many forms.
Evident in my giggles and smiles,
And the love that I can’t keep from expressing,
Thank you all for you have made my life a blessing!

The true smile on my face
Was a long and brutal battle.
But as I sit with the sun on my skin,
I can confidently say that happiness wins.  

The Mirror

The mirror is an unfriendly place
For which I can see my disgusting face
The mirror highlights all my flaws
Laughing at my unfortunate cause
The mirror never tells a lie
Because I’ll never attract any good looking guy
The mirror is always there
A quick reminder that no one cares
The mirror is a version of me
A brutal reminder that I’m not pretty

Pride? Pride.

My heart is happy and overflowing
Sitting with a smile, ever glowing!
It’s an emotion I am not familiar. 
I think that, perhaps, my pride is showing?

Quick and easy are my smiles,
My sunshine I cannot contain!
Confidence? Who is she?
My joy is steadily maintained!

It was a swift and insignificant moment.
Accompanied with a feeling unlike any other-
And I believe that it’s called pride.
I am proud of who I am and it’s been a long ride
To this destination called confidence. 

If you finished reading, thank you! You have no need to worry about me! I wrote that last poem today 🙂

Thanks for reading!