The Week of Too Many Presentations

Hello family and friends!

Today I am going to chronicle the longest week of my life. It seemed as though that the presentations wouldn’t stop coming! The most nerve-racking one was not presenting in front of the board of trustees (more on that later), but rather speaking in another language for FIVE minutes! Si, ecuchaste la verdad (yes, you heard the truth).

During this week, I had to do a presentation in Spanish for five minutes without any notes, outlines, or bullet points on the powerpoint. So essentially, I had to remember five minutes of dialogue. And to top this already tricky assignment, I was the first one to present! I was given a week’s notice, which may sound like a lot of time but when combined with three other classes, it isn’t that much time! So now, I know more about Diego Rivera than I would ever care to, but it is what it is. And on that same day, I was assigned a group presentation due that same morning! So Wednesday was a rough day for me to say the least. Regardless, after copious amounts of hours spent to this presentation, I earned an A!

Now, more on the presentation to the board of trustees. Since I have been working as a Research fellow (read more about that here!), I have had the fantastic opportunity to make a domain (fancy word for a website). And so, I decided to make my domain a blog named Ruthie’s Truthies (highly popular amongst my family). And since I have made such an epic blog, I was asked to be a student example for a presentation about the initiative at SNC called Domain of One’s Own (read more about that here!). I must admit, at first I didn’t realize what the board of trustees was. The title “Board of Trustees” sounded rather ambiguous to me and I neglected to seek further insight. However, when explained to me that the Board was above the president and made important decisions, it hit me how important this was. And still, that Spanish presentation caused more nerves than a speech in front of forty-some people. Regardless, a lot of preparation went into this presentation. On Monday, I did a little presentation in front of five people or so to figure out what I would say. And then on Tuesday, I presented to a council of maybe fifteen people. So lots of presentations!!

I am glad to say that I made the Board of Trustees laugh! It was during the introduction, and I said: “And allow me to introduce to Ruthie’s Truthies.” My blog’s ridiculous yet creative name, made them laugh. I’m basically a comedian now.

Thanks for reading this long blog post where I used the word “presentation” too many times.