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In lieu of Indigenous People’s Day, I wish to share something that I am super excited and passionate about! I knew that I wanted to start a club for Native American students. As an incoming freshman, I noticed that there wasn’t a club for Native students and I felt as though that there should be one! I was determined to make a community in which Native students, like myself, could feel accepted.

And so, I sent out an email to gauge the interest among Native American students, and I received a great response. Our numbers are few, but our passion is strong! We are in the beginning stages of becoming an official organization! And as of yesterday, I was elected president of our organization!

My ultimate goal for the Council of Indigenous People is to inform the campus about Indigenous issues and then educate them about the land that they walk on. Educating my peers about my culture is something that I am very passionate about, and I think that Native Americans are often the “forgotten race” and our problems are swept under the rug. So informing the SNC campus, especially since Wisconsin is resident to many tribes, is an important issue for me to address.

Another goal that I have for the club is to inspire other Native students to higher education. I think that it is too often that Native students don’t hear how beneficial higher education is! I hope that one day, the council will be able to visit tribes around Wisconsin and inspire young Native students into higher education. And let them know that higher education is possible! I believe that attending college will break the unfortunate cycle that Reservations are caught up in. Too many students are growing up in poverty and dysfunctional homes. And school work does not take precedence over basic human needs. Moreover, I wish to inspire students to break this cycle and get a college degree!

I am very much looking forward to where the Council of Indigenous People will go!

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  1. Dr. R

    This is really exciting, Ruthie. You are embracing the opportunity to make a difference on the SNC campus. Let me know if I can help.