Final Week In My Learning: December 2 – December 8

With this last week of classes, I am going to reflect on the course and what I’ve learned! I will share seven of the best aspects (not in any particular order) and three things that I would like to see changed. 

1.Online Textbooks

I really enjoyed that all the textbooks were online, free, and accessible to all. This made it very easy to study the materials for class because they were online. 

2. Video Projects

I really enjoyed making the video projects instead of writing papers. This allowed for creativity and I thought it was fun to make the videos. I became very comfortable working with WeVideo. 

3. In-class collaboration

Another aspect of class that I found impactful was collaborating with peers on the in class assignments. It was nice to have different viewpoints which helped me to become a better educator. This skill is applicable to any job and I enjoyed getting to know my peers as well.

4. Uses of technology

I appreciated the set up of the classroom as well. The TV’s that were at each table, the white boards around the room, and the table were very effective in my learning. The screens were always easy to see and enhanced my learning.

5. Google Classroom

I had previous experience with Google Classroom and I liked that the class was mainly run on that LMS. This made it easy to access all the materials and it was clear when thing were due and how many points each assignment was worth. 

6. Village Project – teaching experience

The village project was a great teaching experience. I enjoyed interacting with the kids and forming relationships with them. The village project reaffirmed my beliefs about wanting to be a teacher. 

7. Blogs

I think that the blogs were a fun way to reflect on the week. The blogs allowed me to think about what I’ve learned which helped me retain the information more. 

8. Village Project – course load

One aspect that was difficult to handle was the amount of time that the village project required. It was a lot to do the weekly blog, prepare for class each day, and have the videos to do. While I liked the experience, it was difficult to juggle the course load.

9. Video Projects

I think that the video projects are great because it allows me to think more critically about each topic but it’s technically difficult to adjust the videos. Since we have to redo most of the videos, it feels as though that I have to remake the whole video because the visuals were off. 

10. Optional classes

Another aspect that was meant to balance out the course load of the village project were the optional classes. However, I felt obligated to attend every friday class. I feel like some friday classes were not helpful, and I wasn’t sure what friday classes would be helpful or not. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Ruthie. Since teaching is a constant state of becoming, I will take your input and work on refinements. Fortunately, we have the opportunity to continue to talk about teaching and learning as we collaborate on the FSL team. I am looking forward to it. Have a wonderful holiday.
    Dr. R