A Week in My Learning : September 9 – September 15

Hello! Today we will be going through the many realizations I have had over this week.


1. Life Is A Gift

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to be alive. During this week we relived the day we all realized that life can be taken away so quickly. 9/11 always reminds us that life is a gift and that we should take each moment and be grateful. Also, during this week I was reminded of my privilege. The day that I spent at an elementary school was yet another eye opener. These kids seemed normal as any other child that I have taught before. And yet, I didn’t know what each child was going home to. I am fortunate enough to grow up in a stable and loving household. And knowing that some of these kids do not go home to that makes me want to be the teacher that believes in them. I think that education is one of the most influential fields and I am so glad that I have the opportunity now to be making a difference. 

                                   2. Education Is The Field For Me

I have never had my doubts about my career choice. Everytime that I am able to work with children, I am reminded of how much I love teaching! When I heard about the Village Project, I was super excited that I would be working with kids! One of the reasons that I love education is that every day is not going to be the same. And that each school year will be different too. Also, the thing that I love most about education is the connections that I will make with some of the kids. It’s a powerful idea that I will be a role model for these children. The village project has deepened my love for education.

3. Happiness

Another thing that I realized through my first day volunteering for the Village Project is how happy the children are. Yes, the may not have the best home life and live poverty but that didn’t stop them from being children. This made me reflect on how I live my life. I think that as a society we can get caught up in materialistic things. And I know that I do. Sometimes we treat life as a competition for who has the most and best things around. And in this race, we forget that life isn’t about material things. I think that life is about the connections we make and how we care for others. 

                                   4. “Spanish is so stupid”

I think that phrase is one of the most arrogant things anyone who is monolingual could say. During this week, I have heard multiple people say that learning another language is completely useless and that everyone should just speak english. I completely disagree! I think that being able to communicate to more people is important. During the Village Project I spoke to some children using the spanish that I know. And by being able to speak in their first language, I made connections with those kids! They thought that it was so cool that I could say some basic phrases.

5. Patience

I think that one of the most important traits for a teacher to have is patience. And I learned a lot by watching the after school program teachers interact with the kids. There was discipline but there was fun. And I think that having those guidelines for children is important. They need to learn when and where are the appropriate times for having fun. And I saw many great examples. I think that the director of the program did a great job of balancing those two aspects. 

Thanks for reading!