A Week In My Learning : September 2 – September 8


Today I will be recapping what I have learned this week! I have been enjoying my time at St. Norbert College and I know that this was the right place for me.


1. Learning Styles

I have always known that everyone has a different way of learning things. However, as I am going into education, I think that knowing more about this subject is very important. From this class I have learned that there are many different factors that affect teaching. How an individual thinks, what their motivations are, and how they learn best. And that is something I love about teaching. Everyday is going to be something different and no day will ever be the same. 

2. New Skills

I never thought how long it would take to learn a new skill. A video that we watched in class explained how it would only take 20 hours to become comfortable with a new skill. I think that knowing this fact makes taking on a skill seem more manageable. It gives more optimism to whomever would be learning the new skill. I thought it was interesting how we discussed in class how learning would change from person to person. For some people, it may take only 20 hours for them to become comfortable. And then some people it could take longer than 20 hours. Again, learning varies from person to person and that is very important to recognize when becoming a teacher.

3. Digital Storytelling

I never thought that I would need to learn how to tell a story digitally. After learning in class, I saw how relevant it is to know these skills. Our society is moving at an incredible speed into the world of technology. And therefore, so is the world of education. Skills like this are what employers would be looking for. And I now realized that students learn better by watching videos. I think that learning how to tell a story digitally will be very beneficial to my future.

4. Meditation                    

At the beginning of every class, we take a minute just to breath and center ourselves. I have found this to be very helpful! It is so nice to take a minute away from the hurried mornings and bring my mind back to a more sane place. I’ve learned that it is okay to take a minute to just focus on yourself. And that is something that we all need to do more often. 

5. Guiding Children

One of the things that I learned through the online training is that you don’t know what each kids goes home to every night. You don’t know if they will have a warm meal, a bed to sleep in, or a parent that loves them. It makes me so sad to think that not everyone has had the same privileges that I experienced. And knowing this, I think it will better my teaching skills. And so when a child becomes disruptful, I know that yelling at them will not be the most effective way for them. I think the best way to handle that situation would be for me to calmly speak to them and redirect their attention. 

Thank you!