A Week In My Learning : September 16 – September 22

Hello all!

1. Assessment 

One thing that I have learned over the course of this week is how to assess students and how that makes them feel. One of the most important things a teacher can do is to keep the feelings of their students in mind when making a lesson plan. In particular, how tests can affect children. An important part of teaching is assessing the students and seeing what they know. This week in class, we talked about pre-tests and how it makes us feel stupid. In some aspects, pre-tests are great because you can directly compare the before and after and see how much the student has learned. On the other hand, pre-tests make the student feel inadequate and most students forget that the goal of school is to learn. I know that I have felt this way many times before! I often forget that I’m here to learn and if I don’t know the answer that that is okay! I think a more effective way to assess is what we did in class. We worked with peers to explain and show what we already knew. This was much more effective in my opinion because I learned so much more!

2. Positive Interactions

This week when we had training for positive interactions with kids, the presenter used a quote that really stuck with me. “You can be the best part of someone’s worst day, or be the worst part of someone’s best day.” This is a quote that I want to live by. And I think that for teachers, this is an important quote to live by! You never know what someone is experiencing and showing someone kindness will always make someone’s day better. It could be as simple as a smile that could make all the difference. I think that that is especially powerful and that is what makes me so excited to become a teacher. The idea that I can directly affect a child’s life positively is amazing to me! When I become a teacher, I want to be the best that I possible could be and provide a welcoming and comfortable environment for my students.

3. How the brain learns

An important thing that we learned this week in class was how the brain learns. We learned about the different lobes of the brains and what each part of the brain does. One thing that really stuck out to me was that we learn everyday! While this may sound ordinary, what I find exciting about learning is what is going on in our brains every day! We are always making new pathways and strengthening existing pathways. Our brains were made to learn as much as possible and I find that so cool! One thing that I forgot is that our brains never stop growing. There is always something more to learn and our brain soaks all that information up! I think that this is so inspiring!

4. Bilingual Students

One of things that always impresses me when I go out for the Village Project is how the students can translate so easily. I was talking to a young student and he spoke to me spanish. I am familiar with spanish but not well enough to understand when they speak quickly. So this student said something to me and I was confused so I asked him to repeat himself. And I saw him remember that I don’t speak spanish very well and he translated what he just said into english for me! This is an experience that I will never forget because it amazed me! When he was translating, I could see it in his eyes. The thinking that he was doing and translating it for me. I find that to be so amazing.

5. Enhancing Learning

An important topic that I learned about this week is the idea of Full Spectrum Learning. For my research fellowship, this is what I will be exploring and I couldn’t explain at first. However, after speaking with Dr. Riggle I understand so much more! I think that one the most interesting things of the  project is how technology enhances learning. For example, in this class we make videos and make blogs. However there is so much more to creating videos! We are learning how to effectively incorporate sound and picture into a good story. This assignment is teaching me so much more than writing a paper would. And I think that thinking about technology in the classroom as a future educator is very important. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and using technology would really benefit my students!