A Week In My Learning: October 14 – October 20

Hello family and friends!

I will be sharing all that I have learned this week in educational psychology!

1.Ownership of Learning

I think that this is one of the most interesting concepts that we have learned in class so far. I have only had experiences where the teacher was the one facilitating the learning and I did as I was told. To some extent, this can be useful for younger children to teach them the correct behaviors. However, as we discovered in class, taking ownership of the learning can be extremely beneficial! When a child is in charge of their learning, I believe that they develop a stronger understanding. The teacher could easily stand in front of the class and tell the students what they are learning, but it takes much more to facilitate learning and allowing the students to learn for themselves.

2.Learning From Peers

From an exercise that we did in class, I learned how working through problems with peers is eye-opening. I like working with others because they can provide such great insight. During an exercise where we came up with a lesson plan, I really enjoyed bouncing ideas off of each other and bettering our ideas. Although I already knew that working with others is important, I was reminded how great it is to collaborate. 

3.Some Battles Aren’t Worth Fighting

This week from the village project, I learned that some battles are just not worth fighting. There were a few instances this week where a child would complain about this or that and then relentlessly let everyone know their opinions. And when talking to those children, I realized that nothing I said or did would be able to console their cries. I think that this is an important lesson to learn for a future educator because I won’t be able to solve every child’s problem. Although this may sound pessimistic, it is a reality. But this doesn’t mean that I won’t try to help every child that needs my help! I think that it is beneficial to know that there will be times where I can’t fix the situation. 

4.Balancing Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation

When our class was finishing up talking about motivation, Dr. Riggle explained to us that there must be a balance between the two. Intrinsic motivation is when a student has an innate curiosity to learn, and extrinsic motivation is when a student uses outside rewards to motivate themselves. I thought that it was really interesting when Dr. Riggle explained to us that when an intrinsical student is given too many rewards for their accomplishments, their intrinsic motivation will decrease. They become too dependent on the rewards that they receive. I think that this is beneficial for me to know because it is important for teachers (and I’m a future teacher!) to know this fine balance.

5.The Impact of Kindness

Every week at the Village Project, it amazes how attached I have become to my students! I have learned that I can impact lives simply through kindness. This is what I love about teaching! I believe that teaching is one of the most impactful careers. I find it so inspiring how in a few short weeks, my students come up and hug me and tell me that they missed me. I really enjoy interacting with the students and I am very much looking forward to my next four years here at St. Norbert College.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Dr. R

    I really appreciate the thoughtfulness of these ideas, Ruthie, as well as their positive focus.🤔