A Week In My Learning: November 4 – November 10

Hello family and friends! As yet another week comes to close, that means another blog about the five takeaways of the week.

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1.Information Processing

This is a new concept that I learned this week in class. Each person has a different way of processing information and how they store it. So learning is an active process. The learner can’t learn anything when they are zoning out, so the learner must be actively engaged. An example of information processing is taking notes during a lecture. Although hand writing notes is slower than typing notes a computer, hand writing notes allows the learner to translate what is being said into their own understanding, thus making it a better learning experience.

2. Mind Mapping

This week in class, we did a lot of mind maps. Mind maps are when the learner takes a main idea of a subject and expands it out into all that they know. I think that mind mapping is a great way to check a student’s understanding. I remember doing some in highschool and mind maps really helped me to check my understanding and connect all that I have learned together. Mind mapping is a simple concept that teachers can use, but an effective one.

3. Long-Term Memory

Everyone has a different way of organizing everything in their brain. And how someone organizes their long-term memory determines if you can use it later. Any time that someone tries to remember a fact, a memory, or someone, they search in their long-term memory to find that one thing. 

4. Short-Term Memory

And with short term memory, I learned that the space in anyone’s memory is 5 ± 2. This means that everyone has a different amount of space in their short term memory, and children have less space and adults typically have more. It varies for each person. Moreover, it was explained to me in an analogy. Short term memory would be is someone would have five books on a table and as soon as the person thought of another thing, another book would take another’s spot. And this is why it is important to stay focused in class, because we already have such a limited space, that it is important to stay focused. 

5. Saying Goodbye to The Village Project

One of the things that surprised me the most this week is how sad I was to say goodbye to the kids at the village project. For weeks, it felt like such a chore that when it came to the end that I felt sad about it. I began short-term! I couldn’t believe how in that short amount of time the relationships I formed with the children. And now, it’s so sad to know that I won’t be seeing those kids twice a week anymore. I am grateful for the experience I had with those kids!

Thanks for reading!

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